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The streets in the quiet residential area of Morningside were crowded by emergency vehicles and personnel early on Sunday morning after a Citi golf had slammed into solid brick


According to members of the public, who witnessed the accident, the golf with its five occupants had been travelling at "high speed" when they smashed head on into the embankment.

The single motor vehicle incident took place on the corner of Venice and Mentone Streets at approximately 1am on Sunday morning. All five occupants, indian males in their early

twenties, were in a critical condition and were trapped within the mangled wreckage of the vehicle. Metro fire department & ER24 paramedics used the Jaws of Life and other rescue

equipment to cut off the vehicle's roof and doors to extricate the critically injured occupants who were crushed up against each other in the passenger cab. The driver of the vehicle was

declared deceased on the scene, despite the extensive efforts of paramedics to resuscitate him. Paramedics worked hand in hand to stabilise the other 4 occupants, all of whom were placed

on drips at the scene.  Two patients were placed on ventilators at the scene by Netcare 911 and ER24 Advanced Life Support paramedics.

Two passengers, who were in the back seat, later died in hospital as a result of their injuries. All five patients were transported to both King Edward and Addington Hospitals by

ambulance.  The remaining two men are in a critical condition. This is a very tragic accident and it is such a pity to lose such young lives in such an unnecessary accident.    SAPS attended

the scene and a case of culpable homicide has been opened.