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Old dutch racing
Gale streeet durban.

since 1995 old dutch racing has been one of the forerunners of the very successful automotive repair & performance industry in durban.
adventure motorists who find it difficult to get good reliable and authoritave advice and service need look no further.

Published research show that the motor industry is a fast growing business sector and kzn will be the favored location for most enthusiasts with the advent of events like the current drag racing event being held on the 8 august 2004 in first avenue. this will give the performance market, though a relatively specialized and small market, the link for the explosive growth.
we have selected a small team, some of whom have worked with us in the workshop for several yars. members of the staff have extensive performance, repair, and maintanance skils, all of which will be invaluable in the new venture.

The company has housed and maintained many of the provinces super-cars and has also created a little monster of thier own, a bmw 3.2l supercharged m3. the car has acieved international recognition in the likes of being included in the new zealand's performance car yearbook (2003 edition). the car house a decompresed 3.2l m3 motor, has a rob green supercharger conversion, upgraded fuelling system, 2 stage nitrous, customized interior and some really wicked wheels.

In the 4 cylinder category the flagship is an orange nissan 200sx, owned by dan moodley of trophies & engravers, umbilo road. what started out as a standard 200sx was transformed into a complete import styled racer. the engine was built to withstand severe boost levels from a turbo of turbonetics origin. the interior like all of the other "stables " cars are colour co-ordinated and retrimmed. 18 inch simmons alloy wheels comliment the impeccably designed monster.
a close observation of mechanical functions is kept by a full compliment of autometer guages. a full sound system with mp3 player, and lastly a twin stage nos nitrous setup.
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