NitroCrew Featured Car, November 2007 – X-Rated Peugeot





Vehicle:                  Peugeot 206 Gti 2002


Owner:                   X-RATED SOUND & ACCESSORIES


Wheel Woman:         Ismari


Navigator:               Jacques


Technician:              Jacques


Wheels:                  18"  Smith's


Tires:                     Firenza


Brakes:                  Stock


Suspension:  Stock


Springs:                  Stock








Ice Specs


Head Unit:               JVC DVD


Amplifiers:              Vibe Slick A3 4CH X 1, Vibe Slick A4 4CH X 2


Subwoofers:            12" Vibe Black Air II 1600W SVC X 4


Capacitors:              Vibe 1.5F X 2


Splits:                     Vibe SEK 60 (6") X 2


Coaxials:                 Vibe Black HEX50 (5") X 1


Ports:                     Vibe 3" Ports X 4


Monitors:                1 X 5.5" build in front,

1 X 22" Motorized @ the back


Gaming:                  PS2 + Wireless remote


Cabling:                  Vibe


Batteries:                Stock X 1, 657 X 1


Deadening:              HOS Killer


Installer:                 X-RATED SOUND & ACCESSORIES









Engine Specs


Motor:                    2.0L 16V


Cylinder:                 Stock


Camshaft:               Stock


Pistons:                  Stock


Exhaust:                 Custom - Split


Gearbox:                Stock




Exterior Specs


Colour:                   Bronze-Orange-Copper-Gold


Bumpers:                PSG Combat Full Body Kit - Build in


Headlights:              Angel Eyes


Taillights:                Altezza


Under car:               Varad Under car Lighting


Doors:                    Gull-wing (By X-RATED)


Graphics:                By X-RATED



Interior Specs


Colour:                    Orange+Black+Grey Suede & Sprayed


Dash:                     Custom with build in monitor


Doors:                    Custom Suede


Wheel:                    Stock


Pedals:                   Stock


Gear knob:              Stock


Mats:                     XTC Audio


Gauges:                  Stock


Seats:                    Cargo Type R