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PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:36 pm
by Mrs H
A Word of Advice: Zero Tolerance @ NitroCrew Finals: 03/12/2011

1) All Registration : 8am – 3pm (Dyno / Sound / Show n Shine / Nite Glow)
2) Show & Shine judging at 3:00pm / Sound runs: 10am - 4pm / Dyno: 8am - 1pm
3) No Spinning or Revving
4) No unruly behavior
5) No Brand Wars
6) No competitor while running your vehicle will be under the influence of alcohol
7) Bins will be provided, make use off
8) Immediate Disqualification if you break the rules
9) ZERO TOLERANCE - You will be banned
10) Rules will be pinned up at the event for your use
11) Late entries will be charged a penalty fee so come early and stick to the rules
12) Only Competitors are allowed to park at venue - Spectators to park on the upperlevel of Stoneridge Mall