Owner : Tanya Vorster aka SpeedFreakBabe

Car Make and Model : 1991 VW Citi Golf 1.8 Sport

Engine : 1.8 Sport Stock

Gearbox : 5 Speed Manual

Bought the car for R10 000, 3 years ago. She was badly rusted & body damage. But the engine still had a lot of kick in her.

What has been done includes:


      New Bumper,

      Single Light Badge less Grill & Eyelid,

      New Gearbox,

      New Door & Window Rubber,

      Boot Brake Light,

      Replaced Firewall & had the bottom CO2 Welded for the rust damage.

      The boot has been Rubber Coated.

      ICE – JVC MP3 Front Loader. 2x 12’’ JVC SUBS, 2x 6x9’s.

**** Total Cost : R 13 000.00 ****


Still have to do:


      Performance Filter & the Head Gas flowed.

      Seat Upholstery is Blue & Black Leather, will do the Doorpannels & Roof the same.

      Still wondering if I should have an Alliminium Boot Spoiler or A Fiber Carbon one.

**** Estimated Cost: R10 000.00 ****


Pearl Before

Pearl Bonnet Before

Pearl Front Before

Pearl Side Before

Pearl Rear Before

Phase 1 Rear

Phase 1 Window

Phase 1 Front

Phase 1 Side

Phase 1 Door

Phase 2 Rear

Phase 2 Lights

Phase 2 Front

Phase 2 Respray

Phase 2 Rear

Phase 2 Front Lights

Phase 2 Lights Respray

Phase 2 Side

Phase 2 Front

Phase 2 Rear Bumper

Pearl Rear After

Pearl Bonnet After

Pearl Side After

Pearl Windscreen

Pearl Windscreen After

Pearl at Night

Pearl Mag – TSW Freeze

Pearl Back After

Pearl Doors

Pearl’s Beauty